3 Ways For Interim Leaders To Fill Resume Gaps

It’s in the nature of interim consulting for healthcare leaders to have gaps in their resume between projects. However, every now and then hiring managers may have concerns about significant periods of time between positions. Due to the complex nature of interim leadership and hospital needs, interim candidates are generally expected to be current on healthcare trends in order to achieve the desired outcomes. Therefore, hiring managers may raise questions regarding employment gaps. Here are three ways to address any employment gaps a hiring manager may ask about:

  1. Highlight your involvement with any associations. Candidates can demonstrate their involvement with any relevant associations by highlighting any leadership or board positions they have held. After all, “by taking an organizational or leadership role in an association or via other volunteer opportunities, you’ll fill the gap in your resume and reap other important benefits. You’ll get access to opportunities via the connections you make in your leadership role. This access comes from your colleagues in the association experiencing you as a capable contributor who’s nice to work with (i.e. they won’t just view you as a resume). You’ll also get exposure to new ideas and skills that will help you to appear cutting-edge to prospective employers”1
  2. Emphasize any recent courses or conference you have been involved with. By doing so, your resume will speak to your involvement in the industry even during any sabbatical or break in between positions. These also create great networking opportunities for healthcare leaders as they are surrounded by experienced, like-minded individuals in their area of interest.
  3. Don’t be afraid of explaining taking a couple months off between assignments. Interim leadership is not for the faint of heart. Nor is it uncommon for interim leaders to take time off after finishing an assignment due to the intense nature of the work. Therefore, it can be helpful for interim leaders to explain their preferences for short breaks between assignments to hiring managers should they have any questions.

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In case you missed it:

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