A Year in Review

As 2018 comes to an end, clinicians and healthcare organizations alike have begun to look back on healthcare trends throughout the year in anticipation of what’s to come. In an effort to provide clinical leaders with the resources they need to effectively plan for the new year, take a look back at our most viewed articles of 2018:
Nurse Burnout-Cause And Effect: Key Insights To Empower Nurses
Why are nurses suffering more today from burnout than ever before? There are many factors that contribute; most cases develop as a combination of causes. Long hours have been identified by many nurses as a key source—12 hour shifts, overtime, and being called in when staffing is short, can all add up to fatigue. Nurses have a calling to care for others, and often put others first before themselves. This means nurses sometimes neglect addressing their own needs or wellbeing, which over time, adds to the feeling of nursing burnout. Additional factors such as working in busy, high stress environments, coupled with dealing with sickness and death, also have a direct impact on the emotional compassion fatigue of nursing burnout.
Addressing burnout in an organization can increase your employee retention as well as the welfare of your patients. Hospitals across the country are implementing a variety of unique ways to reduce stress and relieve the causes of burnout.
Effective Leadership Strategies To Reduce Staff Bullying And Burnout
In the competitive world of healthcare, employee turnover can be a huge challenge for leaders who don’t want to lose talent. While every team deals with attrition due to career growth or relocation, nurse leaders must also pay particular attention to a unique concern among nurses, staff bullying, a contributing factor to the all-too-common workplace burnout.
While attrition rates indicate there may be a problem with staff bullying after the fact, performance indicators such as infection rates, medication error and patient outcomes may also signify that a nurses’ performance is being affected. In addition, the added stress of staff bullying can also impact overall performance leading to an increased rate of nursing workplace burnout.
Will The Rise Of Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare Impact Your Job?
We’ve all seen movies and headlines in the news warning about what the potential consequences of AI, or artificial intelligence, might be on the labor force from automated cars that replace taxi drivers to advanced office support systems capable of replacing accountants. Have you ever thought about what its impact might be on your job? While many of these scenarios are sensationalized, it is true that an estimated 400-800 million jobs are at risk of being replaced by technology by 2030 according to a recent report by McKinsey.
Even more surprising to some, healthcare is the industry most likely to be affected as pharmacies become automated and IBM’s Watson is able to diagnose diseases such as cancer more accurately than physicians. While there is no artificial replacement for a nurse’s comforting bedside manner, there are instances of caregivers in Japan and Germany being replaced by robots that are programmed to take care of elderly patients and even play games with the patients to help keep their minds sharp.
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