Are you Achieving Organizational Alignment with your Teams?

As the world of healthcare grows increasingly complex, no one understands the value of time efficiency more than healthcare leaders. Below are seven tips on ways to maximize organizational alignment without taking your teams away from the floor.

  1. Create a framework- avoid meetings that last longer than necessary by having participants organize their agendas into several key points. By using this framework, you reduce the likelihood of speakers getting off track and taking additional time away from meeting participants duties.
  2. Recap key points- it can be useful to reiterate important points throughout the meeting to avoid misunderstandings and ensure participants are all on the same page.
  3. Keep it concise- make sure your speech is succinct to maximize meeting time and comprehension. To keep participants on the same page, it is important to keep things clear. Additionally, it will create airtime for other team members who want to participate, and in turn, increase employee buy-in.
  4. Foster buy-in- give individual praise when due. By recognizing participants for their contributions in meetings you build connections and ultimately gain stakeholder buy-in. Phrases like “to add to Jane’s point” signal that you are interested in what team members have to say and value their input. This will ultimately help you build alliances with your team.
  5. Maintain a strategic focus- another suggestion for adding value to meetings is to continuously consider strategic opportunities. By asking questions like ‘What if?’ at opportune moments, you can guide the conversation to the next level and gain strategic buy-in from participants.
  6. Guide conversation- in order to keep things moving or slow things down, it can be useful to ask questions to lead the conversation in a more productive direction or clarify key takeaways for the rest of the team.
  7. Alter your speed- alter the speed and flow of your speech to adapt to your team. Often, teams are made up of members whose first language is not English. By adjusting your speech, non- native speakers or individuals who have a harder time following along will be able to get the most out of the meeting.

While no two meetings are the same, these suggestions are designed to help healthcare leaders build team alignment from the side. For related articles on leadership techniques, follow us on LinkedIn.
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