Career Advancement: Transitioning from Permanent to Interim

Leaving a permanent position for interim work is not a decision to be made lightly. Where do you start?
There are 3 keys to deciding if making a career transition into interim leadership is right for you.

1) What are your career growth goals and aspirations? Can your permanent position fulfill those dreams? Interim leadership roles that provide a variety of challenging assignments in lots of different hospitals across the country may be a great option for achieving these objectives
2) Are you good at jumping in, getting acclimated quickly, rolling up your sleeves and making a difference in new & challenging environments? A career in interim leadership lets you take on the jobs that give you the greatest satisfaction in making a real impact for patients and clinicians 
3) Do you like to travel? A career in interim leadership gives you the opportunity to experience different parts of the country at no cost to you

Working with an agency that specializes in helping people transition from a permanent job into a career in interim leadership for the first time is critical to establishing yourself as a successful interim leader. Here is what some of Novia’s first-time interim leaders had to say about the transition and why they decided to give interim work a chance:
I worked in this little hospital for 25 years. I was the blood bank guy but the head hunter called me and I said I could take a leave of absence and use it as an educational experience. So that’s why I did it. It was an opportunity to just do blood bank. I said worst comes to worst I could just retire. I had dealt with travelers but never travelled before.”– Blood Bank Manager
“Some of the reasons I decided to do it [interim work] is because I had always been more directly associated with an organization/ health system. In my case, what was attractive for me was the opportunity to work with an academic medical center at the executive level. What’s nice about interim leadership through Novia is that it’s a great opportunity in terms of career/professional advancement.
What’s good about the structure is that you’re able to have your travel and living arrangements set up for you which makes it very doable. I feel like there’s a little more flexibility than I would have otherwise had if I had come in as a permanent employee. Especially for the area when I look at the cost of living. I think it would be tough to make that a permanent move so for me interim has worked out very well and I’ve really enjoyed it. Novia also makes it very easy for you to get acclimated and settled. It’s very supportive. I know that if I have any concerns or issues I can reach out to Michelle and Tina. In terms of the financial piece, Victoria is great, and everyone is very supportive”. – Interim Senior Director, Heart and Vascular Services
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