Career Strategy- How Interim Work Can Help You Unlock Your Long-term Goals at the Executive Level

At Novia, we are no stranger to the fact that many leaders look to interim work to help them take the next step in their careers. While interim work offers a unique opportunity for leaders to advance their title, our personal relationships with hospital hiring managers and executive leadership allows us to tap into the “Hidden Job Market” of positions that often go unposted and therefore unknown and unavailable to an individual job seeker. Below is just one example of how an Interim Advisor assignment turned into a full time Executive Director position for one of our first-time interim leaders: 
“I think [the reason I took the position] it was looking to get into that executive level position. The position I went in there as an interim was to help them get through survey. In the sense of career advancement, it was nice that I got more experience with accreditation as you always learn something new, even though that is my specialty area. When I decided to take the position on a permanent basis, it was an executive level title which I am glad to have on my resume”. – Interim Advisor for QA and Survey Readiness to permanent Executive Director, Quality Management/Patient Safety Officer
                Beyond opening the door to move from an interim to a permanent position at the executive level, interim opportunities at the executive level offer their own unique benefits. According to one Interim Leader at a premier academic medical facility:
“At the executive level I think a key advantage is that you have more influence on the timeliness of decisions that are made and have the ability to move things forward, to get plans approved and implemented. I think resources (resource assignment) to implement your strategies and plans can be timelier at the executive level which I think is really important and I see that as a real advantage. I think too when you are an interim leader you tend to be viewed more as a good resource in terms of your expertise and are often viewed as a advisor along with being a leader which allows you to make change”.  -Interim Senior Director, Heart and Vascular Services.
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