Optimizing Outcomes

As healthcare costs continue to grow, healthcare providers are increasingly conscious of how their leadership team and staffing decisions can impact the organization financially. That is why hiring interim leaders for shorter-term projects can be much more attractive for organizations seeking highly-specialized leaders while still being mindful of one’s annual

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Dissecting the Hierarchical Culture Within Nursing

How can a profession with amazing potential for human connection fall short and fail to offer compassionate care? And why do nurses too often go in the other direction—and do harm? Registered Nurse Kathleen Bartholomew dissects the hierarchical culture within the nursing profession and examines why nurses who are devalued

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What is Your Explanatory Style?

When it comes to understanding effective communication strategies, many approaches tend to skim over addressing how messages are received and rather focus on how to efficiently manage outward communication. However, failing to address explanatory style, which refers to how people interpret life experiences, leaves room for error, as the way

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