Did you know – being an interim leader is a great way to advance your career?

With the recent addition of 10,600 new hospital jobs in June leading to a spike in hospital hiring of more than 71% from May, healthcare workers have a lot of options for finding another job in this hot economy. Making sure you and your skills stand out from the crowd is critical.
Interim assignments offer a unique opportunity for leaders to broaden their skillsets through exposure to an array of different work environments. Just listen to how interim assignments have helped a few of our leaders build their leadership skills to be well equipped to handle any situation that comes their way:

    • “I learn things everywhere I go. In interim positions you get to experience whatever opportunities there are for education at the facilities you are at. You also see a variety of policies and how hospitals handle things differently. Every new place I go adds a new layer to my skillset”. –

Interim Director, Family Center Services

    • “On my last assignment I went in as the interim director then trained the new director once they found someone and onboarded them. After that I went in and trained the manager. I think what [being an interim] did was it made [the client hospital] want to use all my different skills. It really allowed me to showcase all my skills and I felt really good about being able to put all my skills on display instead of just being a ‘one trick pony’”. –

Interim Orthopedic RN Navigator Care Manager

    • “It expanded my knowledge to recognize that while all places may have problems you have to learn different approaches to bring together functional areas. At one particular assignment, there were some real problems and I was just fried. It was a teaching program, the residents were running the schedule and they only had enough staff to staff half the rooms. It was a major challenge but we were able to make it happen. That is an example of a situation that was completely different to what I had experienced previously and really allowed me to grow my skillset [even after having worked in the interim world for many years].”-

Interim OR Manager

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