Finding the Perfect Job – the Personal Connection is the Key to Success

How do you increase your odds of finding the right job while decreasing the amount of time and energy needed for a comprehensive job search?
Trying to find the perfect job is tough – it’s time consuming, it’s frustrating, it’s an exercise in futility unless you have the exact contacts who can unlock the “hidden” job market and get you right to the hiring manager. But even that isn’t enough, you still have to find the ideal job that is a perfect match for you.
Working with an agency gets you to the hiring manager but it doesn’t guarantee that the job is a good fit for you because most agencies are working on behalf of the client, not the candidate, even though they want you to think they are working for you. You need a partner – an agency who truly has your best interest at the forefront of all they do. You should be more than a means to filling a position. Choose a boutique staffing company with a recruitment team that specializes in building long-lasting relationships and provides a level of support that is unrivaled. Candidates continue to work with Novia as they know our team are people they can count on 24/7 to get them the perfect job and manage the logistics to set them up for success in their new role.
“Novia found out who I was, found out my experience and did all the interviewing. Debbie interviewed me for over an hour, I’ve never had that. I have never experienced this type of interviewing. It was unique, and I loved it as you really got to know who I was. With others it was always informal, and they never got to know who I was. It was never a deep dive and the level of detail wasn’t there [with other agencies].”- Permanent System-Level Executive Director, Care Coordination
“Debbie provided me with everything. She was supportive and honest, and I think that was the difference [between Novia and other agencies]; the relationship was different. Debbie doesn’t act like a recruiter that’s trying to sell me something, she wanted me to succeed on the interview and her feedback was honest and helpful. She has been so communicative, and I’ve enjoyed working with her.
I’ve never met Debbie in person, but she was there for me and she has boosted my confidence and I loved that. She is honest, and I like our relationship. Novia’s support gave me more and more self-confidence which was an advantage. I knew what I needed to do and how to interview, Debbie packaged it for me.” – Permanent Director of NICU
“Working with Debbie the communication was huge. When you hire into a job you work with a recruiter, but Debbie was more than a recruiter. She was always there for me and available. I had a lot of support which was different than any other job process I’ve been through. Debbie was wonderful to work with, the best recruiter/HR person I’ve ever worked with and I mean this whole heartedly.” – Interim to permanent Dialysis Manager
“Jenelle and Debbie were always available at a moment’s notice. They were super easy and convenient to work with. Vickie with payroll was also always quick on the draw to answer. I knew that I had support should I ever need it.” – Interim Orthopedic RN Navigator Care Manager
“From housing to the work place it could not have been more convenient. It all just happened. It was amazing. Jenelle especially was really great to work with and made sure everything was taken care of. – Interim Blood Bank Manager
“I think Novia is very useful to work with. If I had any questions or needed assistance I could always get ahold of someone. Deb Coffman was always available and so were the ancillary staff. I want to thank you for the opportunities you provide to people.”- Interim OR Manager
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