Help Others Help You Through Clear Communication

Whether it is during a job search or in the day-to-day of your professional life, written communication is important. After all, depending on your specific position, most of us spend a few hours a day communicating via technology alone. And while you might not think much of it, because hey, what’s one badly written email when you’ve just sent 20 good ones, how you communicate in that message really is important because it affects how the person receiving it will respond to you. So, when you are in a position where you might need assistance from others or even for them to just be receptive to you, it is important to make sure you are making it easy for them to do so by effectively communicating how exactly they can do that. Here’s how:

  1. Be concise cannot be stressed enough, especially when you are job searching. Most recruiters and hiring managers alike receive multiple emails a day each for one of the multiple positions they are working on at any given time. By sending a dissertation-length email, you are making it more difficult for them to identify what the objective of that message is and how exactly they can help you achieve it. Therefore, best practice is to clearly communicate the purpose of the email so that the recipient can read it and respond quickly. Otherwise, you risk having the email get buried or the recipient pulling it up once and forgetting about it.
  2. Keep it professional. Similar to point #1, this cannot be stressed enough. Overall, candidates that represent themselves in a professional manner are the ones that are most likely to get the position. Not only do hospitals look for professionalism, but professional behavior makes it easier for recruiters on the agency’s end to work with you as well. After all, candidates are a reflection of the agency that is working with them so it’s essential to help them help you by always putting your best foot forward. This can be as straightforward as a concise, professionally written email.
  3. Give details that again, make it easier for the person you are reaching out to for help to help you. If you would like to schedule a call, give them your number and the best times to reach you. Being thorough is a great way to take the initiative and ensure you are able to connect with the person you are reaching out to when it is convenient for them. It can also help you stand out to recruiters against the candidates who they have been playing phone tag with for weeks.
  4. Follow-up. People, and especially recruiters who are constantly being bombarded with calls, can get distracted. If you are job searching and you reach out to someone but don’t hear back from them for several days, reaching out once more is always best practice. To add to that, follow-through demonstrates that you are genuinely interested in the position and will help you stand out against the candidates that don’t.
  5. Do your homework. While this might seem painfully obvious, it is a crucial step to ensure you are able to effectively communicate what it is you are looking for and what steps the person you are connecting with can take to help you achieve it. If there is a specific opportunity or individual you are interested in connecting with, it helps to have done basic research on the background of the facility or person to help guide the conversation and convey your level of commitment to the opportunity. It also helps ensure that any email or phone conversations between you and the recruiter or hiring manager are to the point and an efficient use of time, which they will appreciate.

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