Higher Productivity can Sometimes mean Higher Burnout Rates. Here are 3 tips to Reduce Burnout with your top Performers.

Workplace burnout is a serious problem, especially in healthcare. Although it’s true that every leader should take precautions to guard against the dreaded burnout amongst their top performers, it is especially important for healthcare leaders to take measures to do so as their employees are uniquely vulnerable due to the nature of their work. In order to guard against your top performers running themselves into the ground, below are 3 strategies to energize them and potentially reduce workplace burnout:

  1. When possible, let high performers choose their own projects. By doing so, you are creating the opportunity for your hard-working employees to work on projects that energize them. Not every project that comes your way at work is fun and exciting, but when high-performers get the opportunity to work on a project they are excited about it can be a good reminder of why they are there to do that line of work in the first place.
  2. Use the buddy system. Placing a high-performer on a team of people with a different level of expertise and productivity can often have the opposite effect of motivating the other team members to rise to the occasion, and instead reduce the motivation and ability to deliver of the high-performers. To avoid this, placing two high-performing employees, with similar levels of expertise, on a team together can give them the opportunity to motivate and learn from each other.
  3. Manage additional demands. In the dynamic world of healthcare, one straightforward strategy to reduce burnout is to keep track of the additional demands beyond their job duties placed on high-performers if you begin to sense burnout. While there are platforms for employees to do so themselves, sometimes the additional support of having a leader step in to say “no” can reduce the amount of additional work high-performers put on their plate.

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