“I Love Writing Resumes”- said no one ever.

Here’s one way to ensure your resume is well received so you can worry about more important things…like nailing that interview.  
As a staffing agency, we receive a lot of resumes for positions at all levels within an organization – spanning charge nurse to C-Suite. While the elements of a resume that may catch the eye of different recruiters can be diverse, one characteristic of a well written resume that consistently stands out to every member of our team – no matter the position – is a candidate’s ability to effectively communicate their accomplishments. By providing specific accomplishments, outcomes and results of the work you did and the teams you led, candidates demonstrate a strong understanding of what barriers stood between where they were, where they wanted to be, and what steps they took to bridge that gap. In doing so, your resume and accomplishments should highlight your strengths to paint a clear picture that demonstrates how your experience is well-suited for the position.
A truly impressive resume is one that clearly highlights what you were able to accomplish in each role throughout your career. For example, any hiring manager will be glad to know that you were able to reduce the rate of travelers. However, stating that you, “reduced the rate of travelers from 90% to 9%” will leave a much stronger impression than simply stating “assisted with reducing the rate of travelers in the department”. To add to that, a truly bulletproof resume will take it one step farther and give a brief description of what steps were taken to accomplish this.  For instance, stating that you “reduced the rate of travelers from 90% to 9% by hiring new staff and utilizing the float pool” clearly demonstrates to the hiring manager that you:

  1. identified a barrier to success
  2. implemented a process/procedure to address that barrier, and
  3. resolved the issue to set the organization up for success

In doing so, you provide hiring authorities with an overview of your accomplishments that clearly demonstrate why you are a good fit for that position and, in turn, opens the door for an in-depth conversation to further discuss the details during an interview.
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