Job Shadowing- How To Ensure Career Growth Doesn’t Get Left In The Dark

Admittedly, job shadowing is not the most attractive subject when talking about career growth. Most of the time, people want to focus on the more exciting aspects of achieving one’s professional objectives like where to invest your money after getting a raise or what font to use when you have your business cards redone to reflect your new title after a promotion. And while those things are important, one thing that is much more important is making sure you invest in your own professional growth in order to make your career goals a reality. Hospital mentorship programs are great ways to make connections with individuals who have a deep understanding of what is required of your desired role. Through this, they can help you develop your skillset and identify potential areas of improvement to help you get to where you want to be.
That said, job shadowing is an often-overlooked avenue that clinicians at every level can use to create value for themselves, their department, and their organization as a whole…. what’s not to love? Here’s how mentorship programs provide a three-tiered approach to value creation for your hospital and also offer an opportunity for professional development:

  • Reinforces a positive work environment by fostering career growth and personal development.
  • Provides an opportunity for mentors to share best practices with mentees and ultimately promote their use throughout the organization.
  • Helps break down organizational barriers by promoting both cross-departmental and cross functional communication.
  • Provides insight into different points of view and approaches across the organization.
  • Helps create value for the organization as a whole by helping employees grow their skillsets and clinical knowledge so that they become the strongest nurses & nurse leaders they can be.


  • Gains clinical insight passed down from more experienced nurses and nurse leaders.
  • Enables better understanding of the responsibilities and job duties of other positions and departments.
  • Encourages professional development so that the mentee can grow within the organization.
  • Fosters employee loyalty as employees are more invested in organizations that have invested in them.
  • Helps energize mentees to be more engaged in the work they do.


  • Establishes opportunity for cross functional communication enabling opportunity for process improvement.
  • Creates opportunity to develop coaching skills.
  • Reinforces clinical knowledge/ best practices.
  • Helps energize mentor as well to be more engaged as they interact with mentees who they might not usually work with in their specialty areas.

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