Leading Through Crisis

No matter how well we plan for the future, both business and management alike have a habit of throwing curve balls at even the best of leaders. Despite our best attempts to avoid turbulent times, even the most solid organizations can face challenges due to external factors outside of our control.

It is those turbulent times that great leaders can rise to the occasion to lead with integrity and guide their organizations through whatever challenges they may be facing. Whether it be changes in leadership, transformational change, acquisitions or a combination of all three, great leaders are able to lead through crisis by doing the following:

Identify the critical issues. This will allow you to focus on what is urgent without getting sidetracked by other issues.

Demonstrate a measured response when communicating with staff and stakeholders. While we may not be able to control the circumstances of a crisis, we can always control our response.

Cultivate alignment with your executive leadership team in order to present a unified front and make sure the message from leadership is consistent.

Lead with integrity. When faced with leading through crisis, great leaders stick to their values even when that means choosing the harder option.

Remain flexible. Not only is it important for leaders to remain composed, but their leadership style should remain flexible to allow them to adapt quickly to what may come.

Be as transparent as possible. Through transparent and honest communication, leaders are better equipped to earn the trust they need to weather a crisis long before the storm hits.

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