Let’s Talk About Float Pool Nurses

There’s no doubt about it, nursing hours are long and are often cited as one of the major contributing factors to nurse burnout. And while there is no way to completely eliminate long hospital hours, self-scheduling and float pools can be a great way for nurse leaders to energize their teams and minimize burnout. Here are just some of the ways float pools can help energize your employees while also helping them build their skillsets to provide quality care and achieve their career goals:

  • Skillset expansion. Float pools can help cross-train nurses in different specialty areas that in turn build their clinical knowledge skillset.
  • (More) autonomous scheduling. Self-scheduling float pools offer nurses more autonomy over their scheduling
  • Reduced burnout. Nurses are more likely to be excited about their jobs when they feel supported to grow their skillset and build their clinical knowledge in order to achieve their goals. Establishing a well-run float pool gives employees the opportunity to do just that.
  • Increased productivity. Engaged employees tend to be more productive as evidenced by the fact that employees with high engagement rates were shown to be 21% more productive1.
  • Better flexibility, better retention rates. Employees show loyalty to leaders who give it to them in return. By creating a flexible work environment (to a degree), nurses are generally more likely to stay with the organization longer.

And while float pools can do wonders for staffing from a leadership perspective, they can also sometimes be met with hesitation from nurses who are uneasy about working on a unit unfamiliar to them. Because of this, it is essential to provide resources for employees who are less familiar with working float pools to help them navigate this new uncharted territory.

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