Make Sure Your Meetings Are More Than Just Another Invite on The Calendar

More often than not, clinical leaders go to work each day with a list of action items you want to accomplish only to realize at the end of the day that while you were busy working, you did not get a chance to address a portion of the items that were on your agenda. In large healthcare environments especially where most clinical leaders are working on multiple initiatives at once, the various meeting invitations sent to your calendar can end up taking you away from your desk for hours at a time. And while this can be frustrating, meetings offer a unique opportunity for leaders and employees at every level to come together to identify and address challenges in a way that they might not have been able to otherwise. Subsequently, meetings can be a great resource for leaders to connect with employees and leaders throughout the organization and gain insight into their attitudes about important issues that they might not otherwise have had the opportunity to explore. That is why learning how to run a meeting in an efficient and productive manner is an unsung leadership skill that too often goes unnoticed. Effective leaders are able to organize well-run meetings to create value for their teams in a productive way that helps them further support the goals of that team or department. Whether it is at the supervisor or executive level, the framework below provides a great resource that every leader can use a framework for structuring their meetings: 

  • Team reflection
    • What works well?
    • What might not be working well?
    • What can be done to resolve those challenges?
  • Ensuring all members participate
    • Selectively including the right people
    • Clarifying the purpose of the meeting
    • Communicating how the meeting contributes to the higher purpose of the team 
  • Establishing ground rules and parameters for working as a team
    • Setting an agenda
    • Budgeting time for a brief round-robin so that each member has an opportunity to make their suggestions in relation the agenda that was just discussed (~30-60 seconds/person)
    • After everyone has contributed, the team then has time to work together to come up with a solution
    • Incorporating results of the meeting into action items and an action plan1

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