Not all Interim Assignments are Created Equally

When you choose your first interim leadership assignment, one aspect of selecting the right agency that is often overlooked is the fact that you are not only choosing a company to work with, but rather you are joining a community to be a part of for years to come. While some agencies view staffing as a numbers game, our tight knit network of recruiters and client hospitals allows us to focus on creating a quality assignment experience for our leaders. With the support of both Novia’s recruitment team and client network, the healthcare leaders we have placed in first time interim roles have all gone on to have rewarding careers, whether they stayed with interim or moved into a permanent position. Just listen to how our network helped set three interim leaders up for success on their first assignments:
“I could not have had a more positive experience dealing with you guys. I was very anxious going into my first assignment as I took a leave of absence from my permanent position where I had been for 20+ years. The CAO of [Novia] even called me to talk me through it. Once it all happened, I had more support than I could’ve possibly imagined.” – Interim Blood Bank Manager
“Everyone [at Novia] was very professional and knowledgeable which was crucial going into my first interim assignment. I don’t think I would have had the knowledge to navigate taking an interim assignment without working with Novia.
I took this position on an interim basis and it ended up turning into a permanent position. Going in, I was not open to moving into the position on a permanent basis. That seven or so months that I was there as an interim allowed me to get some foundational knowledge of the organization that I wouldn’t have had had I just applied and gone in which allowed me to be successful in my role. When I decided to take the position on a permanent basis, it was an executive level title which I am glad to have on my resume.” – Interim Advisor for QA and Survey Readiness to permanent Executive Director, Quality Management/ Patient Safety Officer
“I did my first interim assignment with Novia. You guys made it easy. One of the things people fear with interim work is what will housing be like, will the rental car really be taken care of etc. You guys made your promises and delivered on them. The fears I came in with quickly disappeared when I got there and saw that everything I was told would be taken care of really was. You guys put me in a place that worked well for interims and prepared me for success and I think I was successful.” – Interim Orthopedic RN Navigator Care Manager
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