Staffing Shortages and Nurse Burnout

Staffing shortages and nurse burnout, a few of the topics that are key causes of concern for many nurse leaders today. According to a recent survey of 900 nurses, a whopping 88% of nurses reported that the current state of hospital staffing, which has been plagued with shortages over the past few years, has affected their workloads. As nurse leaders work to find the balance between supporting staff and getting the most out of their staffing resources, it is clear from the responses below that nurses are still feeling the pressure of the ongoing staffing shortages. 

  1. Out of the 900 nurses surveyed, 49% of respondents stated they have considered leaving nursing within the last two years. Unfortunately, the symptoms of professional burnout can manifest themselves as frustration, loss of interest, emotional exhaustion and prolonged stress, amongst other things, which are not always easy to identify. To read more about the causes and effects of nurse burnout, click here.
  2. Up to 54% of those surveyed reported that their workload has affected their mental health, while 35% said that their mental health had affected their performance. View more about how clinician experience can impact organizational experience here.
  3. As many as 86% of respondents suggested that they felt their organization was suffering from a staffing shortage, while 76% said that it had personally affected them in the past two years. Learn more about recent research on the impacts of staffing on here.
  4. When asked about nurse bullying and verbal harassment, 21% of nurses stated that they had experienced one or both in the workplace. To get more information on how to identify staff bullying as well as effective leadership strategies to combat it, visit our insights page.
  5. In terms of nurse burnout, 62% of the nurses surveyed described feeling regularly burned out with 43% suggesting that it has affected their performance. For additional takeaways on staffing and workflow, you can access our case studies here.

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