Successfully Kicking Off Your Interim Career

When it comes to interim assignments, making sure your first assignment is a good fit is critical to your future success in an interim leadership career. At Novia, we have a unique candidate-to-position matching formula which ensures that the positions we submit you to are a strong fit in regard to both organizational culture and career orientation. Just listen to how the first interim assignments for two of our leaders turned into long-term positions that allowed them the opportunity to grow their skillsets in ways they would not have had otherwise:
“This is my first interim experience. I have had past experience with teaching institutions and academic centers but this assignment has certainly broadened my experience in that I have worked very closely with leadership on both the hospital and faculty side. Throughout my assignment we have really focused on aligning the medical center with faculty practices. Ambulatory services were certainly new to me. Working with leadership and being part of partnering the alignment between the medical center and faculty practices has also broadened my skillset.
The other piece of this assignment is that it is heavily unionized which is also new to me. You certainly need to be a quick study on learning union requirements, contracts and how to manage labor actions. Professionally, this assignment has been a very good experience. Again, doing all of those things in conjunction is new to me and something that I probably would not have experienced by staying with my last facility.” – Interim Senior Director, Heart and Vascular Services
“I took this position on an interim basis and it ended up turning into a permanent position. Going in, I was not open to moving into the position on a permanent basis. That seven or so months that I was there as an interim allowed me to get some foundational knowledge of the organization that I wouldn’t have had if I just applied and gone in which allowed me to be successful in my role.
I think it was looking to get into that executive level position. The position I went in there as an interim was to help them get through survey. In the sense of career advancement, it was nice that I got more experience with accreditation as you always learn something new even though that is my specialty area. When I decided to take the position on a permanent basis, it was an executive level title which I am glad to have on my resume.” – Interim Advisor for QA and Survey Readiness to permanent Executive Director, Quality Management/ Patient Safety Officer
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