The Unsung Benefits of External Hiring

As a wise man by the name of Steve Jobs once said, “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do”. This sage advice rings especially true when it comes to the dynamic world of healthcare. Often, organizations experience long turnover times when filling high level niche positions. Part of the reason for this is that more often than not the first instinct of hiring managers is to source for talent within the organization. However, when sourcing for talent for highly specialized healthcare leadership roles, the benefits of working with an agency that can help streamline external hiring can outweigh the benefits of internal hiring. Here are just a few ways that hiring through an agency can help improve the performance of your organization:

  • Highly specialized skillsets. One of the main benefits of working with an agency is that they have vast networks of candidates with highly specialized skillsets. Depending on the needs of your organization, agencies are an excellent resource to help you find the right candidate
  • Streamlined Hiring. Working with an agency is a great way to locate highly specialized talent outside of your organization. Agencies have a wider network of individuals who are highly skilled in a variety of different areas and available for projects of different lengths depending on the needs of the organization.
  • Reduced costs. Hiring employees for shorter-term projects can be a great alternative when looking for talent for highly specialized positions. As the new hires are highly skilled in the desired specialty, they do not require as much ramp-up time after starting a new position or additional training which can sometimes result in unexpected expenses. Additionally, your organization will save money by hiring an interim leader for the short-run as you do not have to worry about exceeding the annual budget.
  • Rapid results. Interim leaders are highly skilled when it comes to hitting the ground running in order to deliver the most efficient results possible. Often, interim leaders have extensive experience, having held leadership positions in a variety of different hospital environments ranging from large academic organizations to community hospitals to multi-facility system level roles.
  • Outside perspective. When it comes to re-evaluating your organization’s established market position and strategy, having an objective perspective from external resource such as an interim leader can help highlight any blind spots that may have been overlooked by leaders who have been with the organization for a long time. 

By utilizing agencies to locate the most qualified candidates for highly specialized positions, healthcare leaders are better able to make use of the expertise of external candidates, and in turn, optimize outcomes for their organizations.  To read more, visit Or, visit our website to speak with someone today about how Novia Solutions can help with your staffing needs. Interested in receiving regular updates on both interim and permanent job opportunities? Follow us on LinkedIn.



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