Three of the Top Articles Read in January for Nurse Leaders

Have you missed any of the Hot Topics we’ve been publishing about staffing, nurse burnout, or leadership? Curious about what’s trending among your peers? Here are three of the top articles read in January that nursing leaders can use to effectively plan for the rest of this year:

In 2018, one of the major industry trends we saw in healthcare was the continuous growth of healthcare costs and the pressure healthcare providers are experiencing as a result. As hospitals continue to address the financial pressures of the current environment, three key components have emerged as continued trends for 2019. Although they may not be unique to 2018, the trends discussed in this article promise to be market forces that will continue to shape the landscape of healthcare.

As most healthcare leaders know, good talent is hard to find. This is especially true when it comes to finding the right candidate for the niche, highly specialized positions that are so common in the world of nursing leadership. Unfortunately, hiring for these positions often results in long-lag times as HR managers struggle to find qualified candidates which can negatively impact nurse engagement and overall performance within the unit/ department. While a strong job market is positive news for job seekers, it can make the hiring process more challenging for healthcare organizations as potential employees have more options to choose from. This article explores the organizational benefits of external hiring for hospital administrative positions.

Frustration, loss of interest, emotional exhaustion, prolonged stress, feeling overworked and underappreciated, disengaged, and walking around with an empty tank. Everyone feels a little of this sometimes, but when these are the words used to describe how a nurse feels about her job, you know that nurse is experiencing burnout. This article explores how to identify the symptoms of nurse burnout. Additional strategies for combating nurse burnout can be found here.

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