We’ve Talked About Patient Engagement, But Do You Know How To Measure Patient Activation?

Healthcare in 2018 has been marked with hospital closures as a consequence of high competition and an increasingly difficult reimbursement landscape. Since both of these aspects are highly complex, one success factor that is fairly straightforward and has proven itself essential for improving performance in both areas is patient engagement. And while we’ve previously discussed how patient engagement can help improve outcomes from decreased readmissions to improved CAPHS scores which benefit financial performance, one underlying factor at the heart of patient engagement is a patient’s motivation classified as a Patient Activation Measure (or PAM) which measures how motivated a patient is to stick to their wellness plan.
Like many things in the age of Twitter and social media, 2018 seems to have turned patient engagement into a bit of a buzzword in healthcare. And while this is not to say that the concept is not tremendously powerful for healthcare and hospital performance in general, it is essential to understand the contributing factors of what make patient engagement so powerful. In previous articles, we have mentioned the importance of patient engagement and how it has been impacted by technology. However, to fully appreciate the power of patient engagement it is crucial to also understand the underlying motives which contribute to it.
In contrast to quality of care surveys which assess a patient’s understanding of their care on the backend, PAM offers caregivers a tool to evaluate how likely a patient is to show the kind of commitment needed to succeed with their aftercare or disease management plan on the frontend. This resource offers a quantifiable scale that caretakers can use to evaluate how likely a patient is to be engaged in areas including1:

  • Patients understanding that they play an important role in their own care plan
  • Taking action and responsibility for their plan
  • Being committed to the results
  • Having the resources to make well-educated decisions about their health1

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1 https://patientengagementhit.com/news/what-are-the-top-patient-engagement-measures-in-value-based-care


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