Why Clinician Experience Might Impact Organizational Performance More Than You Think

Change is never easy, especially when it involves large organizations transforming their operational strategies or cost structures. As many health systems continue to modify their practices to adjust to value-based care, the quadruple aim has proven itself a useful tool to help guide strategy in a way that allows them to enhance patient experience and in turn, the success of the organization. The expansion of the quadruple aim from the triple aim has encouraged healthcare organizations to focus on the wellbeing of healthcare providers as a core element in expanding the reach of the triple aim of improving population health and patient experience while simultaneously driving down costs of care. And while it can seem counterintuitive to focus on the wellbeing of healthcare providers as a means of expanding the triple aim, recent research has shown just how much of an impact improving clinician experience can have as evidenced below:

  • Happier nurses make for happier patients. While this might seem obvious, a recent study by the American Nurse Association suggested just how significant this effect is in that overall quality of care increased between 5-20% when nurses reported a 25% increase in job satisfaction1.
  • Longer shifts negatively impact patient experience. According to one study by the National Institute of Nursing Research, patient satisfaction of care decreased proportionally to nursing shifts lasting 13 hours or longer1.
  • Staff size influences patient mortality rates. According to research done by the University of Pennsylvania, statistics from 550 hospitals nationwide suggested that there is a correlation between staffing difference and mortality rates1.
  • Improved work environments help reduce errors. While the effect of nurse satisfaction on patient care is one thing, nurse satisfaction has also been shown to help reduce errors and improve care. One study suggests that “productivity increased, with the percentage of pain reassessments completed going from 90 percent to 99 percent. The best result, though, was that nurse medication-administration errors decreased by 1.2 per full-time employee per 100 patient days”1.

As healthcare continues to evolve, clinician experience has a major focal point for healthcare organizations nationwide. Similarly, as a staffing agency, we know just how important it is for the clinicians we work with to feel supported in order enjoy the work they do as they continue to drive excellent outcomes for healthcare organizations.
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