As Hospitals Rely On New Grads To Address Staffing Shortages, Recent Study Reveals Approximately 57% of New Nurses Will Leave Their Organization Within The First Two Years

According to a recent survey by Avant Healthcare Professionals, external hiring, through the utilization of staffing agencies, is on the rise as organizations seek to solve staffing issues caused by the ongoing nursing shortage. As healthcare leaders seek to control costs, the following statistics offer important insights into some of the largest line items associated with nurse recruitment and staffing in 2019:

Nursing vacancies

  • 50% of hospitals report having between 10 and 74 nurse job openings to fill
  • 26% of hospitals are looking to fill between 1 and 10 nursing positions
  • 61% of organizations have anticipated nurse retirements during 2019
  • 78% of respondents say they will rely on new graduate RNs to fill open positions

Staffing Trends

  • 8% increase in hospitals that will rely on staffing agencies to recruit nurses in 2019 compared to the year prior
  • 7% increase in the overall use of travel nurses in 2019
  • 13% of the hospitals surveyed reported using more than 25 travel nurses this year to fill openings

Recruitment Trends

  • Internal recruitment efforts (78%)
  • External ads (66%)
  • Sign-on bonuses (36%)
  • Staffing agencies (34%)
  • Improving pay packages (28%)

In Demand Specialties

  • Med-Surg (68%)
  • Emergency department (56%)
  • Intensive care unit (39%)
  • Operating room (37%)
  • Labor and delivery (26%)
  • Other (24%)
  • Pediatrics (10%)

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Avant Healthcare Professionals, 2019 Trends in Nurse Staffing


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