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Your healthcare career progression matters to you – and to us. Our solid client base of hospitals, healthcare systems and IDN’s across the country enables us to match your skills, personality and goals with the right interim and permanent healthcare jobs. Working in partnership with you, we help you find the right healthcare job to advance your career.

"My experience with Novia was more personalized. It was more geared toward the candidate than I have seen with other companies. The other companies I feel like just kind of take a handful of candidates and throw them at a job and hope one sticks. But Novia really took the time to look at my skillset and find out what I was looking for and match that with an interim assignment."

- Interim Orthopedic Navigator/Care Manager

Interim Leadership

When you choose a career as an interim leader, you need an agency that puts you, the candidate, at the heart of all we do. We make sure the position fits you, the candidate, not the other way around. We want to know your hopes, dreams, aspirations, and goals so we can find you the perfect opportunity in our “Hidden Job Market”. We provide you with personalized service, tools & wide-ranging support from travel and housing logistics to in-depth assignment details such as understanding the goals and objectives of the assignment and challenges you may face to equip you before you start at the client’s hospital and ensure you are set-up for success.

Placement Process

Novia utilizes a unique 4-step process that sets us apart from other interim leadership firms and ensures each Interim Leader is successful and satisfied throughout the assignment.

Why Novia

Interim Leaders choose to work with Novia Solutions over and over due to Novia’s great opportunities, stellar support, phenomenal clients, personalized service and highly responsive team that takes care of everything.

And if you are new to Interim Leadership, Novia Solutions is the agency of choice to be sure your transition into Interim Leadership is successful and rewarding.

“I couldn’t have had a more positive experience dealing with Novia. I was very anxious going into my first assignment as I left my permanent position of 20+ years. The CAO even called me to talk me through it. Once it all happened, I had more support than I could’ve possible imagined.” – Interim Blood Bank Manager

“It was my first interim position. I felt that the support was something very much needed going in. I don’t think I would have had the knowledge to navigate taking an interim assignment without working with Novia. My experience was that everyone was very professional and helpful.” – Interim Consultant for QA and Survey Readiness

A career as an Interim Leader with Novia Solutions offers unmatched benefits such as:

  • Career Growth
  • Professional Development
  • Access to Top Tier Hospitals
  • Learn Cutting-Edge Technologies
  • Gain Insight into Best Practices Across the Country
  • See the Country with Fully Paid Travel, Lodging, Transportation and Meal Reimbursement at Select Client Locations
  • Maintain your Health and Wellness with Novia’s Full Suite of Benefits with Nationally Recognized Insurance Carriers:
      • Three Medical Plans to choose from with Significant Company Contribution
      • Supplemental Dental Plan
      • Supplemental Vision Plan
      • Sick Leave
      • Bereavement Leave
      • Retirement Savings with 401K
      • Direct Deposit for Salary and Expenses
  • Peace of Mind with Novia’s Comprehensive Liability Insurance Coverage
      • Professional Liability
      • General Liability
      • Auto Liability
      • HIPAA / Cyber Security Liability
      • Workers’ Compensation Liability


Contact us to see how Novia can help you experience a rewarding career as an Interim Leader.

Permanent Placement Search Services

The right agency can help you find your dream job and provide opportunities you never even knew existed. How? Because Novia has relationships within hospitals that enable us to “keep our ear to the ground” and know about positions long before they are known by the public – these are the unpublished jobs, the “Hidden Job Market” that only Novia’s candidates have access to.

Placement Process

Novia utilizes a unique 4-step process that sets us apart from other permanent placement search firms and ensures each permanent candidate thrives in their new position.

Why Novia

Novia boasts an industry-leading 100% retention rate which demonstrates our unrivaled ability to match each candidate to the right job and the right hospital.

“Working with an agency definitely gives you a better feel for what the job entails. Working with a recruiter who knows the hospital and has a history with it, they are able to give you insight you can’t get from a job description. The recruiter I worked with was able to tell me about turnover, management, and the culture of the place which you would go in blindly if you were to apply directly. It is always helpful to have someone who can share that kind of insight.” – Director of Professional Practice and Staff Development 

In addition, Novia offers a unique model to let you be sure it’s right for you through our Interim-to-Permanent program. Step into the position at the hospital through Novia and make sure the size and scope of the role are a good fit and that you blend well into the culture – before you make the final decision to join the hospital permanently. Novia’s Interim-to-Permanent program has helped many Interim Leaders transition into their first Executive Leadership role.

“I think it was looking to get into that executive level position. The position I went in there as an interim was to help them get through survey. In the sense of career advancement, it was nice that I got more experience with accreditation as you always learn something new even though that is my specialty area. When I decided to take the position on a permanent basis, it was an executive level title which I am glad to have on my resume.” – Interim Consultant for QA and Survey Readiness to permanent Executive Director, Quality Management and Patient Safety Officer


Contact us to find out what permanent placement opportunities Novia may have for you.

“Working with Debbie the communication was huge. When you hire into a job you work with a recruiter, but Debbie was more than a recruiter. She was always there for me and available. I had a lot of support which was different than any other job process I’ve been through. Debbie was wonderful to work with, the best recruiter/HR person I’ve ever worked with and I mean this whole heartedly.”

- Interim to permanent Dialysis Manager

Referral Program

Not ready to make a career change but know someone who is? Take advantage of our lucrative Referral Bonus program. Help your friend or colleague achieve their next career move – and make money while doing it!


​Contact us today to learn how to reap the rewards of referring candidates for Interim Leadership or Permanent Placement opportunities to Novia!


At Novia Solutions, there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution to healthcare staffing. 

Whether you’re looking to fill a vacancy or you’re in the market for a new opportunity, let’s connect to see how we can help support you. 

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