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Your hospital won’t hold still while you search for a new leader. Our extensive network of interim and permanent healthcare leaders means we fill empty seats quickly with a candidate well matched to your hospital’s culture and job openings. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with you, we help you find the right person to help you stabilize turmoil, manage change and produce results.

"Novia understands our requirements, our environment and our culture and they provide a slate of high-quality permanent candidates who match. And they are so responsive! We know they are attentive to our needs."

- Vice President of HR at DCH Regional Health System

Interim Leadership Placement Services

Leadership vacancies can be costly to a hospital. They can halt your progress on key initiatives such as Magnet® journey or Pathway to Excellence®. You need an interim leadership firm who understands how critical it is to fill those vacancies quickly with top-tier talent who can immediately execute your hospital’s strategic priorities. An interim management firm owned by a nurse with hospital operations experience understands this better than anyone else.

Novia’s Approach

Novia utilizes a unique 4-step process that sets us apart from other interim leadership firms and ensures each Interim Leader is a perfect match for your requirements, achieves your goals for the engagement, and delivers the highest level of satisfaction.

Our consultative approach provides a comprehensive solution with unparalleled personalized service. It starts by Novia equipping the Interim Leader with tools and materials to develop a Project Plan to achieve your goals and objectives. The Leader will document key project phases such as:

  • Observations and key findings while assessing the current state
  • Recommended actions to achieve desired future state
  • Estimated timeframe to complete each action item

Throughout the engagement, we utilize regular touchpoints to stay connected with you and the Interim Leader to ensure you are consistently satisfied with the outcomes achieved. In addition, the Interim Leader provides you with Progress Reports at routine intervals clearly documenting status of achieving your goals & objectives.

To provide a seamless Onboarding experience, Novia is flexible to work with your Vendor Management System (VMS) or your Managed Service Provider (MSP). In addition, Novia can provide a full-service approach to Onboarding the selected candidate. At no additional cost, Novia will provide:

  • Background check
  • Drug screen
  • Health screens
  • HIPAA Training
  • Sexual Harassment Training
  • Any other Hospital-specific requirement(s)

Interim Leadership Pricing

Novia understands the importance of providing the highest quality Interim Leaders for a price that won’t strain your budget. We offer flexible pricing options so you can choose what works best for you. And Novia believes in price transparency – we only charge for what you use and you will never be surprised by additional fees or unexpected charges.

Professional Fees + Separate Expenses

  The Professional Fees for the Interim Leader’s services are billed separately from standard reimbursable expenses

  Reimbursable expenses are actual pass-through costs with receipts and typically include:

  • Airfare
  • Long term housing
  • Transportation

All-Inclusive Fee Model

We charge one fee which combines the Professional Fees for the Interim Leader’s services + the reimbursable expenses for airfare, housing and transportation so you always know what you are paying with no fluctuation in the cost


Contact us to see how much it may be costing you to leave a leadership vacancy unfilled and learn how affordable Interim Leadership can be for your hospital.

Permanent Placement Search Services

Leadership vacancies can be very disruptive to a hospital and impede progress on strategic initiatives such as your Magnet® journey or Pathway to Excellence®. Novia specializes in placing permanent leaders who excel in their organizations. Our commitment to quality means you only review candidates who fit your specified criteria – we don’t sacrifice quality for quantity just to show you how hard we are working. As a firm owned by a nurse with hospital operations experience, Novia understands you don’t have time to waste reviewing candidates who aren’t a good fit for your hospital.

As an added benefit, when you engage Novia to place the Interim leader as well as conduct the permanent search, we bring deep insight into your organization and the intricacies of the role to quickly execute a comprehensive permanent search with a level of understanding that surpasses other firms.

Novia’s Approach

Novia utilizes a comprehensive approach to supply the “hidden” talent that hospitals desire to obtain and has resulted in an industry-leading 100% retention rate through the guarantee period of all of our permanent placements. 

Permanent Placement Pricing

Novia offers flexible pricing options to match your budget and your performance expectations. You pay as we perform. And we guarantee our placements to ensure a risk-free experience for our hospital clients.

Pay-for-Performance Model

Fees aligned with outcomes throughout search project:

  • Engagement Initiation Fee to start Project
  • Fee(s) when agreed-upon Milestone(s) are Achieved
  • Final Fee(s) upon Candidate Hire

Contingency Hybrid Model

Fees due when search project concludes:

  • Engagement Initiation Fee to start Project
  • Final Fee(s) upon Candidate Hire


Contact us to learn how we can help you secure top talent without busting your budget.

“The structure is very nice. Novia makes it very easy for you to get acclimated and settled. It’s very supportive. I know that if I have any concerns or issues I can reach out to Michelle and Tina. In terms of the financial piece, Victoria is great and everyone is very supportive.”

- Interim Senior Director, Heart and Vascular Services

Contract-to-Hire Service

Finding the right candidate to fill a permanent leadership role can be a lengthy, time consuming and expensive process. Ensuring the selected candidate is a great, long-term fit is essential to successfully filling the position. Novia can help you feel confident in your decision to make the full-time hiring commitment with our industry-leading Contract-to-Hire Service. 

Novia’s Approach

Whether the candidate has been identified to fill a permanent position through the hospital’s recruiting efforts or Novia’s recruiting efforts, Novia offers to hire the candidate on behalf of the hospital and deploy the candidate to the hospital as a Contract-to-Hire Leader. The candidate will have access to Novia’s standard employment benefits, and the hospital will have peace of mind knowing the placement is covered by Novia’s comprehensive corporate liability insurance.  Novia will work with the hospital to determine the Contract-to-Hire trial time period and create clearly defined evaluation criteria to measure success or failure at the conclusion of the Contract-to-Hire trial period so you can make a fully informed hiring decision that gives you peace of mind.    

Contract-to-Hire Pricing

Each Contract-to-Hire engagement is unique with specific goals and objectives regarding the outcomes to be achieved. Novia is flexible and nimble to work with your hospital in designing a pricing package that fits your budget, the Contract-to-Hire trial time period and your hiring needs.


​Contact us to see how we can help you have peace of mind with your hiring decisions.

Wrap-Around Services

To help you get optimal results with your interim or permanent leader, Novia offers Wrap-Around Services to extend the leader’s success in building teams, developing relationships and generating results related to cost reduction, process improvement, quality enhancement and increased operational efficiencies.

Novia’s Approach

We understand that it takes time for a new leader to become fully immersed in their new role which diminishes their ability to deliver results against strategic initiatives for a period of time. Novia’s Wrap-Around Services provides additional tools and support as the interim or permanent leader integrates into your hospital’s environment and operations. We work in a collaborative fashion to develop partnerships within your hospital to focus on achieving desired outcomes and build upon your culture to ensure sustainable success for the measurable outcomes we achieve. In addition to supporting new leaders, we utilize similar tools and methodology to coach and mentor existing leaders to achieve higher levels of performance.

Wrap-Around Services Pricing

Each Wrap-Around Services engagement is unique in terms of project scope, milestones, deliverables, and time frame. Novia will work with your hospital to craft a pricing package that fits your budget and overall project specifications.


Contact us to find out how our Wrap-Around Services can enhance your interim or permanent leader’s effectiveness.


At Novia Solutions, there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution to healthcare staffing. 

Whether you’re looking to fill a vacancy or you’re in the market for a new opportunity, let’s connect to see how we can help support you. 

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