Career Growth through Interim Leadership

You’ve made the decision to pursue career growth through interim leadership, now what? Did you know that selecting the right agency can be the difference between success and failure?
There are many agencies offering interim positions where the focus is all about the client’s needs for the position and not about the person’s needs who will fill that role. Experienced interim leaders have worked with lots of agencies and know when they’ve found an agency who cares about their needs and matches them with interim opportunities where they can be successful and achieve their desired career growth goals. These experienced leaders share their insight:
“My experience with Novia was more personalized. It was more geared toward the candidate than I have seen with other companies. The other companies I feel like just kind of take a handful of candidates and throw them at a job and hope one sticks. But Novia really took the time to look at my skillset/find out what I was looking for and match that with an interim assignment.” – Interim Orthopedic RN Navigator Care Manager
“Yes, Novia is always very responsive and did their homework. I didn’t feel like [Novia] ever placed me at a hospital that was a disaster or I was doomed to fail.” – Advisor, Family Center Services
“I’ve always had a high regard for Novia. I think you’re a great company from my experience over the years.” – Interim Director, Surgical Services
“The structure is very nice. Novia makes it very easy for you to get acclimated and settled. It’s very supportive. I know that if I have any concerns or issues I can reach out to Michelle and Tina. In terms of the financial piece, Victoria is great and everyone is very supportive.” – Interim Senior Director, Heart and Vascular Services
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