Patient Feedback & How Hospitals Can Capture It In Real Time

CAHPS scores have become a significant indicator of patient satisfaction under the value-based system. CAHPS are valuable as they offer unique insight into “patient-provider communication, patient education, the discharge process, and elements of the hospital environment”1. Similar to consumers in any service-based industry, patients can choose to take their business wherever they feel they have the best experience and receive the best outcomes. And while CAHP scores offer valuable insight into patient perspectives on their care, these surveys are backward looking and only offer insight after the fact. The problem that this presents is that if there is a significant pain point in the patient experience, relying on CAHP scores to find out about it might mean waiting to fix something until after it is too late and it’s already affected your patient retention rates.   
                One-way hospitals are beginning to tackle this issue is by issuing point-of-care surveys. Strategically placed surveys in easily accessibly locations around the hospitals offer patients the opportunity to their feedback in real time should any issues arise. Another, perhaps less traditional tool some hospitals have turned to for additional feedback in real time is social media. By monitoring their organizations Twitter and Facebook sites, they are able to pick up on any negative experiences posted by patients and take immediate action to remedy the situation.
                Beyond patient satisfaction, some facilities have also begun to evaluate the patient experience based on its impact on a patient’s lifestyle.  Surveys called PROMs have emerged as a tool for measuring both quality of care and quality of life after care by evaluating patient feedback on how their care has affected their lifestyle without any outside interpretation. And while PROMs are a relatively new phenomenon, their ability to report important information about patient experience is reflected by the fact that “73% of facilities reported that they intend on incorporating PROMs into their data collection strategy”1. Although these surveys do not necessarily reflect what is currently occurring on the hospital floor, they do give a brief glance as to the patient’s current experience and how their interactions with your organization have affected them.
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