6 Habits to Help You Get Promoted

When it comes to professional development, seldom is there any one right pathway to get you where you want to go. Promotions can be a great opportunity for both employees and employers as employees seek to take the next step in their career without having to leave the organization, and employers can promote someone from within who they already know is reliable rather than taking a risk by hiring someone outside of the organization to fill a vacancy. And while promotions are a great opportunity for employees who want to take the next step in their career, it’s important to keep in mind that working toward a promotion requires the candidate to embody the traits of the role they are working toward. Below are 6 habits that are commonly found amongst employees who get promoted:

  1. Showcase your leadership skills. Even if you aren’t in a management position, acting like a leader makes it easier for managers to envision you in a leadership position. Showcasing leadership skills doesn’t necessarily mean managers are looking for employees who walk around bossing their colleagues around. Rather, hiring managers look for employees who exhibit the qualities of true leadership including: confidence, an ability to build trust with colleagues and those they report to, excellent communication skills and an ability to motivate others.
  2. Show initiative. Great employees stand out by pitching in to help without being asked. Those who take the initiative to step in and work collaboratively in order to promote the greater good of the team are more likely to stand out for promotions as these characteristics demonstrate one’s interest in promoting the greater good of the organization, rather than just themselves. 
  3. Ask for stretch assignments. Taking the initiative to work on a stretch assignment is a great way to demonstrate your dedication to the team and organization. Stretch assignments also offer opportunities to take on additional projects/responsibilities and grow professionally without a permanent commitment. Employees who take on stretch assignments are not tied to the additional responsibilities forever. Look for projects that leaders might not have the bandwidth or resources to tackle themselves. There might be important projects that leaders feel would add value to the organization, but they simply do not have the manpower or time to do it themselves. 
  4. Invest in continued education. in the rapidly changing world of healthcare, it’s essential for clinicians to stay up to date on the latest policies, procedures and best practices. Taking the initiative to research and utilize continued education resources demonstrates your commitment to excellence. 
  5. Communicate your career goals. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), managers can’t read minds. This means that it’s your responsibility to express what your goals are so that they can help you achieve them. Managers are instrumental in getting you promoted so it is best practice to be open about your goals so that they can help you achieve them
  6. Consistency is key. Excellent work some of the time is okay, but excellent work all of the time is what will get you promoted. It is in the best interest of hiring managers to promote top performers who they can rely on to consistently deliver excellent work and the results associated with it.

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