Feeling Stuck? Here’s How You Can Change That

Being stuck is not fun. Whether you are stuck in traffic on the freeway, stuck on hold for a pesky customer service call for 30 minutes or just plain stuck in a job that you feel no longer serves you, we’ve all been there. And while being stuck for short periods is inevitable, there is nothing that says you have to remain there forever. After all, life is short and there is no reason to remain in a position that you dread or doesn’t allow you to grow professionally. Instead, there are steps every individual can take, no matter their title to help themselves get unstuck every now and then when they find themselves feeling a little more stuck than usual:
Are there opportunities for growth within your organization?

  • Look for stretch assignments to help you step outside your daily routine and grow your network within the organization. Feeling stuck can be a sign that it is time to take on additional responsibilities and stretch assignments are a great way to explore that.
  • Identify potential opportunities for growth and ask your clinical leaders/mentors if they think you are ready and if so what steps you can take to get there. If not, they can help you identify areas for to help you get there.
  • Consider opportunities for continued education within both your department and organization. Your department should be able to help you identify which certifications can help you expand your expertise within your specialty area. Additionally, many hospitals have tuition reimbursement programs which can also help you take the next step in your career if that is something that is aligned with your professional goals.

And if there aren’t opportunities for growth within my organization?

  • Consider a change if you feel that you can no longer pursue professional growth and development within your organization/position in a way that benefits your long-term career goals. While this can be challenging and is not a decision to be taken lightly, working with an agency for both interim and permanent positions can offer opportunities for growth in that our recruitment team is skilled in identifying positions that match our candidate’s long-term goals. According to two of our former leaders:
    • “The position I went in there as an interim was to help them get through survey. In the sense of career advancement, it was nice that I got more experience with accreditation as you always learn something new even though that is my specialty area. When I decided to take the position on a permanent basis, it was an executive level title which I am glad to have on my resume”. – Interim Consultant for QA and Survey Readiness to permanent Executive Director, Quality Management/ Patient Safety Officer
    • “Novia found out who I was, found out my experience and you did all the interviewing, Debbie interviewed me for over an hour, I’ve never had that. I have never experienced this type of interviewing. It was unique, and I loved it as you really got to know who I was. With others it was always informal, and they never got to know who I was. It was never a deep dive and the level of detail wasn’t there [with other agencies]”-Corporate Director, Care Coordination

As a boutique staffing company, our recruitment team specializes in building long-lasting relationships that allow us to provide a level of support that is unrivaled. If you are interested in learning more about what steps you can take towards professional development within your organization or are interested in learning more about what positions might be good professional development opportunities for you, feel free to reach out to us here. Or, follow us on LinkedIn for related articles. To learn more about our Hot Jobs, visit our website. Not interested? Simply send a referral our way and you can earn up to $4,000 per referral.
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