Work is hard, job Searching Doesn’t have to be.

Beyond long-term interim assignments, working with an agency can also be a great way to find a permanent position that is a great fit for candidate’s career goals and work culture. The right agency can help you find your dream job and open opportunities you never even knew existed. At Novia Solutions, our tight network of hospitals and hiring managers allows us to keep our ear to the ground and submit candidates to positions long before they are publicly posted.
The other, not so obvious benefit to working with an agency is letting us do the legwork so you don’t have to. As an agency, our goal is to streamline the application process. That means that instead of spending hours on end applying for jobs, we can navigate the more time consuming parts of the application process for you so that you can focus on the things that matter, like nailing the interview. Just listen to how our agency was able to connect these leaders with permanent positions that lead to long-term success through both our personal hiring network and streamlined application process:
The hidden job market:
“Debbie shared with me everything I needed, I would have never found this opportunity on my own- and there was no other job I was looking at”-Director of NICU
“The call was a cold call to me and I think the conversation I had with Debbie and the interaction was genuine and it just all fell into place. I was not aware this position was available and it’s a niche industry within my own city. I’m versed in the industry, so it was remarkable that she called me, and I had no idea about it. Happy she did. It has been great and has already broaden my skillset and knowledge and I expect to grow from here.” –Manager, Dialysis
Streamlining the application process:
 “I especially recommend working with an agency for leadership positions because they can be less straight forward than say an entry level position. The agency is able to go on your best interest to present you as a candidate and advocate what you need and what you want, and you don’t have to be the one negotiating on your own which can sometimes rub people the wrong way. Debbie really made it happen and spoke to the organization and was able to get me the highest offer they could possibly do.
Working with Novia, the application process was smoother and more straight forward. To me it was a very straightforward process, Novia is very experienced and organized. They were able to navigate some of the bureaucracy issues [throughout the application process] for me. They also were able to negotiate the rates that I wanted which was so important. Communication was stellar. Working with an agency gives you a better feel for what the job entails. Working with a recruiter who knows the hospital and has a history with it, they are able to give you insight you can’t get from a job description. Debbie, the recruiter I worked, with was able to tell me about turnover, management, and the culture of the place which is normally information you would go in blind about if you were to apply directly. It is always helpful to have someone who can share that kind of insight”. –Director of Professional Practice/ Staff Development
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